Sicilian Saffron 0.5g - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Sicilian Saffron 0.5g - Buy 1 Get 1 Free


This excellent Organic Sicilian Saffron, was born in the middle of Sicily, at the foot of the Monte Altesina Mountain, in the territory of Ennese and besides having a distinctive colouring yellow-Orange, has a strong smell and a slightly spicy flavor.

Cultivation method: the bulbs are planted in the ground in August at about 10-15 cm from the surface, did not need a lot of water and special care but requires a very careful regarding the disposition of the bulbs and the choice of land; the difficulties come at harvest time. Saffron flowers open only in November and only for a few days and wither quickly. For this reason, the collection of Saffron stigmas already occurs on the first day of flowering.

After collecting flowers, red stigmas are removed with great delicacy and placed in a container where they are dried.