Occelli Cusie Sheep and Cow Cheese 80 gr

Occelli Cusie Sheep and Cow Cheese 80 gr


An exclusive specialty of Beppino Occelli, which has shaped an original cheese, made with sheep’s and cow’s milk. Four months maturation in the ancient cellars of Valcasotto on boards made of valley’s wood where the air, pure water, controlled humidity and the passing of time work in perfect harmony with the expert cheese makers in order to give identity and personality to different cheeses.

Suggestion: We recommend the Cusie to fill the traditional ravioli, in slices on hot pasta or on fresh seasonable salads.

2.8 ounce (80 gram)

Ingredients: Sheep’s milk 49.3% (Italian origin), cow’s milk 49.3% (Italian origin), salt, rennet

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic Tray

Aging: 4 months
Flavor: Strong, sharp
Texture: Hard
Color: Yellow
Aroma: Strong
Region: Piedmont

Product of Italy

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