Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea 15 bags

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea 15 bags


Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea 15 bags
Description GREEN TEA — Rich in antioxidants, C vitamin, and with many associated health benefits, green tea’s flavour can vary from sweet, bright, and floral to fruity and robust. This refined tea is hand crafted from the bud and second leaf of the tea plant. The pearls are then scented up to five times with night-blooming jasmine flowers. It was traditionally served during special occasions.
Health In recent years, along with an interest in everything that is natural, scientific researches on the potential benefits of green tea on human health have increased exponentially. Besides the obvious benefits of tea as a natural, calories-free product (if taken without milk or sugar), recent research showed that tea can also help to:

  • Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Improve cardiovascular activity
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Help maintain oral health (tea contains fluoride)
  • Help with digestion and improve the digestive activity in general

Ingredients Finest Green Tea naturally scented with night blooming jasmine


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