Paneangeli 160gr

Paneangeli 160gr


Lievito Paneangeli. Price per Box with 10 envelope 16g each. 

Lievito Pane degli Angeli.
The YEAST BREAD OF ANGELS is the founder of the "family"PANEANGELI.
Today, all who love pastry tubes have fun in the kitchen preparing delicious cakes, may rely on the complicity of the YEAST BREAD OF ANGELS vanilla cake, a leavening agent in a modern concept leavened Instant: just add the last dough, place all in preheated oven ... and you're done!

With over 60 years of tradition and experience the YEAST BREADOF ANGELS ensures a perfect result every time and enriches all the cakes with a delicate fragrance of vanilla. Unmistakable in it sbeautiful sea green box and blue sky, the YEAST BREAD OF ANGELS evokes the magic and purity linked to the world of angels, undisputed symbol of the brand itself: they are the realallies of those who love sweets for themselves and for their loved ones.