Mutti Datterini Sauce 400 gr

Mutti Datterini Sauce 400 gr


Water gives our tomatoes their wealth of flavor and helps us take care of the fruit, even after harvest. When the tomatoes arrive at the factory they are sorted and washed with gentle water jets so as not to damage them. Water is a precious resource and we don’t like wasting it. Season after season, we limit our consumption and streamline its use. Reducing the factory’s water consumption alone is not enough, in fact 80% of the water we use goes into the fields.
Sun and rain are our main allies in bringing out tomatoes to the perfect ripeness. There is nothing better than a hot summer on the plains for tomatoes that are full of flavor. Did you know that tomatoes are only edible when they are ripe? When they are still green, they contain solanine, an alkaloid that makes the fruit unfit for consumption.

14 ounce (400 gram)

Ingredients: Datterini tomatoes 97.8%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, shallot, celery, basil

Packaging: Glass Jar

Product of Italy

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