Tuscan Porchetta Piacenti

Tuscan Porchetta Piacenti


Porchetta Toscana, Price per 10lb approx. Porchetta Toscana Piacenti with Herbs Slow-roasted pork loin, bound in belly meat, and flavored in Tuscan herbs. Succulent and tender. 

Porchetta Toscana Piacenti  – Tuscan Roasted Pork Loin

Traditionally, porchetta refers to a whole roasted pig, flavored heavily with herbs and spices. In central Italy, adult pigs destined for the spit, were first deboned and gutted, then their meat was seasoned and stuffed back into the body cavity. The porchetta was then tied securely with twine and spit-roasted to perfection. Due to their size and requisite cooking time, porchetta was often considered a special occasion food, served at local fairs and festivals. In place of a whole pig, Parmacotto porchetta is made using tender pork loin, seasoned with garlic and classic Tuscan herbs: rosemary, pepper, laurel, sage and juniper. Rolled and bound in a layer of pork belly, our Tuscan porchetta is steamed for an hour to maintain moisture, and then slow-roasted in dry heat for an additional nine hours. This unique two-step cooking process produces irresistibly succulent pork, with an exceptionally flavorful taste.