Squid Ink Sauce 8.5 fl oz

Squid Ink Sauce 8.5 fl oz


Cuttlefish ink sauce 250 g. Food made pitch black with squid ink sauce is not a culinary gadget. It's an addiction. The intense black color and strong iodine taste makes those dishes want to hit them again and again until none is left. Squid Ink can come from almost any cephalopod and some sources are squid, cuttlefish, octopus... The ink from Cuttlefish is used as a food coloring and flavoring, providing a very dark black color and a slightly salty tasting flavor to foods such as pasta or risotto. Some popular dishes include squid in squid ink, spaghetti in squid ink, squid ink risotto, Squid Ink Paella... Squid ink is most popular in Italy and Spain, and it's unique appearance and origin make it a gourmet delicacy in many other countries. Squid ink is very low in calories and is used more as a condiment, adding just a teaspoon or two to most dishes.


INGREDIENTS: water, fried onions, tomato,cephalopod ink, modiied starch, Fish soup hake lyophilized, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, dehydrated vegetables, yeast extract, sunlower oil, hydrogenated vegetable fat, ish aroma, garlic.
This product neither contains nor it´s elaborated from Genetically Modiied Organisms (GMO)

CONSERVATION: Maintain at room temp.

BEST BEFORE: 18 months.

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