Summer Black Truffles
(Tuber Aestivum

Fresh Black Summer truffle as mouthwatering sweetness that some have described as "chocolaty". Since the summer truffle has a more delicate flavor, it shouldn't be used in dishes that are cooked. Like good extra-virgin olive oil, the heat will destroy the flavor. Instead, shave thin slices of the truffle onto dishes to finish them. A little goes a long way!

 White Truffles

Italy is famous for its Piedmont white truffles. Every winter day in the Piedmont region of Italy there are hounds and humans who rummage through the fogged forests looking for buried treasure. The treasure they seek is one of the diamonds of the culinary world (Fresh Italian White Truffles).
The white truffles of Alba in Piedmont definitely rank in the luxury class. They are appreciated for their overpowering yet extraordinarily delicate aroma. Italians eat them raw, shaved paper-thin over egg dishes, plain pastas (dressed with butter and cheese only) and other light foods. They are expensive because production is highly limited since they grow solely in the wild and fluctuations in weather conditions can play havoc with their reproduction and growth.

Winter Black Truffles

Tartufi Neri
The black truffle or ´┐Żblack diamond´┐Ż (better known amongst foodies), grows slowly in the undergrowth throughout the winter. Black truffles absords all the rustic, subtle, strong, intense essences the soil has to offer.



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