Pandoro Bonifanti

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$28.00 750 gr


Soft dough, according to the traditional recipe from Verona, to be sprinkled with powdered sugar and made only with natural yeast without any addition of brewer’s yeast. Precious ingredients, cooled at room temperature and hand-wrapped.

The origin of Bonifanti products comes from Piemonte, with its history, with some of its ingredients, and with a culture of artisan and with a flair for doing well.

1.65 pound (750 gram)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, pasteurized eggs, sugar, butter, whole fresh pasteurised milk, natural yeast, fructose, mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids as emulsifier, cocoa butter, salt, flavors - Icing Packet Ingredients: sugar, wheat starch, flavors.

Packaging: Plastic wrap with a beautiful finish wrap and bow

Season: In stock from November until January

Region: Piedmont

Product of Italy


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