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Balsamic Wine Vinegar Perle di Brivio

Balsamic Wine Vinegar Perle di Brivio

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The new range, Pearls of Brivio, is the result of a long inquiry into taste that has led the company to formulate valuable recipes to delight the most discerning palates. The careful selection and combination of exclusively Italian ingredients has brought to life a dressing that will give your dishes a touch of velvety elegance and fully exalt the flavors of your food.

Pearls of Brivio follows the Italian balsamic vinegar tradition, renewing a passion for simple and original food dressings that respect typical Mediterranean aromas.

Suggestion: We recommend using Brivio vinegar in drops and always raw. Add it to salads after seasoning with salt and before finishing with olive oil. It’s also perfect on meat and vegetables, or on fruit and sweets, to give your desserts an aromatic touch before the sugar.

7 fluid ounce (200 mililiter)

Ingredients: Wine vinegar, cooked grape must

Packaging: Glass Jar and Paper Wrap

Product of Italy


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Balsamic Wine Vinegar Perle di Brivio