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Black Summer Truffle Combo

Black Summer Truffle Combo

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Although Fresh Black Summer Truffles (tuber aestivum vitt) are not as tasty as the Winter Black Truffles or even less than Fresh White Truffles, they can be quite splendid sliced into sauces, over pasta or into omelets or salad. Occasionally Fresh Black Summer Truffles can be “helped” by a good truffles’ oil or dry porcini that have been soaked in little lukewarm water and squeezed almost dry.

Black Summer Truffle Combo Includes:

- Fresh Black Summer Truffles 4 oz

- Black Truffle Oil 8.4 fl oz

- Truffle Slicer in Inox

- Summer Truffle Butter 1.7 oz

- Campofilone Truffle Fettuccine 8 oz

Season: Starts in March into September

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Black Summer Truffle Combo