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Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti Pack of 5

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$68.00 2.2lb (1kg) - Pack of 5

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Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti

Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti is medium-grain rice in the Superfino category, named after the Piedmontese city ​​of Arborio, which is home to its main growing areas. It is - like Vialone and Carnaroli - particularly suitable for the preparation of risotto.It is named after a place in Piedmont and has thick grains that are about 7 mm long and quite symmetrical. After about 16 minutes the risotto is usually ready. Arborio is the best in flavor and texture.

Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti properties are ideal for almost any type of preparation such as risotto and other regional specialties of Italy.Arborio has a particularly high content of amylose (a type of starch) and is slightly polished. Among the Italian rice varieties, Arborio is the one with the largest grains; the shape is more rounded than the other varieties. Thanks to these properties, the cooking liquid is bound creamy and the grains remain firm, ie "al dente".Among the risotto rice varieties, Arborio is the most widely used today.

Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti has starch that is distributed evenly throughout the grains. After a cooking time of 16 to 18 minutes, Arborio produces a creamy risotto that stays al dente for a long time. The rice grains do not stick together when cooking so that the result always remains pithy. Arborio is recommended for the classic Risotto Milanese with saffron.

Nutritional value (based on 100g)


1500 kj

352 kcal



0.5 g

- of which unsaturated fatty acids


0.1 g



80 g

- of which sugars


0 g



7 g



0.03 g


Risotto Rice is one of the rice types with the most carbohydrates and contains valuable proteins. Thus, a delicious risotto is also wonderful for a sport-oriented diet. Along with the vegetables of your choice, you can quickly prepare a power-up dish, which will give you plenty of energy and keep you full for a long time.

Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti recipe: this is how the Italian rice dish succeeds perfectly

Rice variety and preparation must complement each other perfectly. The rice must not be allowed to be washed before preparation. Otherwise, the starch adhering to the grains, which ensures the characteristic consistency when cooking a risotto, would be washed off. How should liquid or dry a risotto be? Sometimes opinions differ a little bit. More serious, however, is the opinion about the strength of the rice grains. If you follow the few rules of the recipe, a risotto with perfectly cooked rice should always succeed easily.

Risotto basic recipe

In the classic preparation for 4 people a finely diced shallot of 3 tablespoons olive oil without browning the glassy simmer. Add 300 g risotto rice and let it cook slowly with constant stirring.. Deglaze with a glass of white wine. Once the wine has evaporated, add 800 ml of hot poultry broth. Bring to a boil, season with salt and pepper and cook over medium heat for 18 minutes. Stir occasionally.

The constant stirring and gradually pouring the liquid is unnecessary and does not lead to a better result. The added amount of liquid can be variable. Depending on the rice variety and preparation temperature, more or less broth is needed. If necessary, add hot broth before the end of the cooking time if it is too dry and does not have enough water. At the end of the specified cooking time of 18 minutes immediately remove from the fire. 50 g of butter in pieces under the rice is covered to allow rest for 5 minutes. Serve with freshly grated Parmesan.

Starting from this basic preparation, you will find numerous other risotto recipes: For example, succeed different Risotti with tender vegetables, fresh seafood, meat, different cheeses, various mushrooms, and truffles. As a liquid serve various broths, low-viscosity tomato sauce, red wine, white wine, champagne or dissolved in fish fund sepia ink. It can be flavored and seasoned with saffron, pepper, savory Piment d'Espelette, fresh herbs, grated hard cheese or truffle oil. There are a variety of different recipes and creative ideas for a perfect risotto, there are no limits.


Together for 150 years. Nature has given us an extraordinary cereal - rice. Only the best varieties of rice are chosen by Riso Scotti; we have produced and milled rice with great passion and attitude for over 150 years. We are a team of people engaged in developing new projects and products in order to spread our passion for rice and satisfaction to our customers.

Scotti family knows that the secret for a delicious risotto is in the quality of rice. For fire generations, we've been farming and processing superior rice in Italy and Europe. This traditional Italian Arborio Rice is processed in Northern Italy, in on of Europe's most innovative and sustainable facilities. Now you can create the authentic Italian experience with your own risotto! From our family to yours.

2.2 pound (1 kilogram) Each Unit - 5 Units Total (11 pound)

Ingredients: 100% Italian Carnaroli Risotto Rice

This is the most famous variety in Italy and the world.

It's ideal for the preparation of excellent risottos due to the size of its grains that are larger than average. Its high starch content allows it to retain its bite after cooking.

  • A Superfino rice
  • Characterized by big grains
  • Central part rich of amylose and of rice starch
  • #1 risotto variety in Italy
  • Under vacuum packaging to better preserve our rice.

Product of Italy


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Carnaroli Risotto Rice Scotti Pack of 5