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Pujado Solano Anchovies Fillet of Cantabria-Spain (Talla00)

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Pujado Solano Anchovies Fillet of Cantabria-Spain (Talla00) - Marinated in Sunflower Oil

Pujado Solano, S.A. has more than 35 years of experience producing a selection of gourmet anchovies, white anchovy fillets and white tuna (Bonito del Norte) from the Cantabrian Sea.

Anchovies Fillet of Cantabria (Talla00) Pujadó Solano offer a range of superior quality products, their “Selección Extra” line, where you can find the highest quality fillets. These fillets are bigger and have longer curing times, and are filleted using a meticulous process.

Salt Curing:  The skill of the salt-curers of Cantabria is essential to preparing anchovies, as evidenced by the slow curing process and the careful handling of the “sobadoras”, who carefully select and manually cut the anchovy fillets. The weather conditions of the Cantabrian coast offer the mild temperatures that are ideal for ensuring the natural curing of the product.

Artisanal Proces: The entire process of filleting the fresh and packed anchovies is done by hand using age-old methods and processes. It’s a process with a definite artisanal nature in which every operation is done by hand.


11.46 ounce (325 gram) - 40 Fillet Strips

Ingredients: Anchovy fillets, sunflower oil, salt

Packaging: Plastic Tray with Peelable Heat Seal

Region: Cantabria

Product of Spain


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Pujado Solano Anchovies Fillet of Cantabria-Spain (Talla00)