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Rizzoli Anchovy Fillets in Spicy Sauce

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$8.95 3.17oz (90g)

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Rizzoli Anchovy Fillets in Spicy Sauce - 3.17oz (90g)

Preserved in the historic iconic golden tin, the real secret of the Anchovy Fillets in Spicy Sauce, symbol of the Rizzoli brand since 1906, is in the sauce itself. The recipe for the sauce has never been written down. The family pact requires the recipe to be handed down to the eldest son only orally, like a legend. Massimo Rizzoli is the only one who knows the doses and cooking times. Those who prepare it in the company still receive the ingredients that will go towards making it already weighed with a combination of metal ingots designed by the first Rizzoli. The doses and proportions have remained unchanged since then. The spices that make up the liquid part of the sauce are an extraordinary and very modern mix of aromas, countries and cultures. To achieve such an artisanal product, also the cooking method is unchanged: it is still the same copper pot over a very slow fire, for hours on end. Once prepared, the sauce is left to mature for six months in numbered wooden barrels housed in a dedicated room. These are the barrels that previously contained Marsala and whose wooden staves still smell of the liqueur wine they stored. This is the only way to obtain an inimitable product. 

Rizzoli is the oldest Italian fish preserves company. Their secret?  Raw materials, processing, preservation, experience. Rizzoli call their boats by name, they know the best waters and the seasons for the best and most flavorful anchovies. Using Lampara lights and purse seine nets, like in the old days, Rizzoli employs a sustainable kind of fishing that yields whole fillets with plump flesh while safeguarding the seabed.

Ingredients: anchovies, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, tuna, wine, sugar, mustard, spices, carrots, onions, salt. 

Weight: 3.17oz (90g)

Storage: keep in a dry and cool place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 7 days.


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Rizzoli Anchovy Fillets in Spicy Sauce