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Bottarga Boreale - Smoked Skrei Bottarga - Røykrogn

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Røykrogn - Smoked Skrei Bottarga

Røykrogn is Scandinavian caviar in its most reindeer-grown expression.
Smoke roe is a Scandinavian caviar with a characteristic expression from cod roe, salt and cold smoke. This product represents a new delicacy evolution from Hrogn first product, the Bottarga Boreale. Røykrogn has a mild smoky flavor and a soft texture.

Production Process

After the roe has hung to dry for several weeks, they give it a dose of cold smoke and the roe then continues to ripen before it is inspected and packed as a smoke roe. That is, cod roe, water, salt and cold smoke - nothing else.
Smoke roe is then dipped in blue cheese wax to maintain its softness. Remember to remove wax before using it.

How to use it

Smoke roe is an umami bomb that can be used as a topping, as a flavor enhancer or as a "sea bacon".
The product is easy to cut or grate. Sprinkle it on white pizza, pasta, loaf of fresh shrimp, avocado toast or poke bowl.

About Hrogn - The History of Bottarga Boreale

The history of Bottarga Boreale goes back to the winter of 2007, when Jonas Juselius first heard of Bottarga. Jonas comes from Finland but lives in Tromsø. He has a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry and a strong passion for cooking. As an avid culinarian, Jonas acquired some skrei roe and started experimenting. The following years he continued to produce and improve small amounts of bottarga for family and friends to enjoy. In 2009 Jonas shared his ideas with Joakim Wikström, a Swede with a long background in the food and hospitality industry. They both saw the potential of bottarga made from skrei, and Joakim enrolled at Tromsø University, aiming to develop the idea into a viable business venture. In the following years, the duo slowly scaled up the production. In 2014 the time had come to start a company. With some aid from Innovasjon Norge, Hrogn AS was born. The company got its name from the Norse word for roe, and is equally unpronounceable in every language. Some years later, the duo was joined by Lia Berti, an Italian with a strong food interest. Before joining the company, Lia finished her Master's degree in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship, using Hrogn AS as her case study. In 2017 the company produced the first batch of skrei bottarga on a commercial scale, for an international market. As of 2020, Hrogn AS is exporting Bottarga Boreale to 14 countries, and has over 20 Michelin restaurants on its customer list. 

Ingredients: Water, Cod roe (Gadus Morhua), salt.

Product of Norway


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Bottarga Boreale - Smoked Skrei Bottarga - Røykrogn