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Kaluga Amur Caviar 4 Ounce

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$245.00 4oz (113g)
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Our Kaluga Schrenckii, also known as a Kaluga Amur, comes from two prestigiuos species of the sturgeon family. The caviar is farmed raised by one of the world's leaders in sturgeon aquaculture. They are raised in a very prestine environment in Asia bordering China and Russia near their origin of the Amur river. This caviar has a very nice olive-grey color with an amazing eggs size to give a very mouth-gasm pop. It will surely delight any caviar expert and would definetly add some elegance to your meal.

Kaluga Caviar has a nutty flavor with buttery overtones and its color varies from medium to dark brown with a clear glossy finish.

4 ounce (113 gram)

Packaging: Tin Can

Pearl Size: Large
Flavor: Nutty, buttery


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Kaluga Amur Caviar 4 Ounce