Caciocavallo Podolico

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Caciocavallo Podolico cheese is made using the milk from Podolica cattle breed. The cheese production is similar to Caciocavallo.This long-aged cheese is considered as the king among the types of cheeses produced in the south of Italy.

Our product is aged in traditional tuff caves, in the old town center of a small village called Zungoli. It is a timeless tradition, with pronounced flavors and intense smells, in order to taste an ancient product.

Continuous exposure to humidity in the caves and aging develops sharp, spicy flavors. With persistent aging, the cheese picks up intense, earthy undertones and fruity aromas. Along the way, it turns from a milky white to a darker yellow in color and becomes more salty.

4 pound (1.8 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES


Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Aging: 3 months
Flavor: Salty, sharp, spicy, tangy
Texture: Semi-soft, springy, stringy
Color: Yellow
Aroma: Earthy, strong
Region: Zungoli

Product of Italy


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