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Montasio Fresco Cheese DOP

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$38.90 3.3 lb


Montasio is a creamy cow’s milk cheese originating from the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto provinces of Italy. It was originally a monastery cheese but today it is produced only in a specific region of Italy following age-old traditional methods.

3.5 pound (1.6 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Aging: 60 to 120 days
Texture: Hard, fruity, grassy, mild, nutty
Color: Pale yellow
Aroma: Aromatic, pleasant
Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto

Product of Italy


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Montasio Fresco Cheese DOP