Burrata Andriese 8.8 oz - 2 Piece

Burrata Andriese 8.8 oz - 2 Piece


Burrata Andriese 8.8 oz Each - 2 Piece. Burrata means "buttery" in Italian, and is a fresh cheese made from a mix of mozzarella and cream. The outside thin shell is simply a skin made from stretched mozzarella while the inside contains a soft, stringy mixture of curd and fresh cream. When you cut open a Burrata, it oozes its buttery cream containing scraps of mozzarella. This cheese originated in the Apulia region of Italy known for sheep farming and agriculture. It is sold traditionally in asphodel leaves with a polyethylene plastic bag over it, and the green color of the asphodel leaves is an indicator for the freshness of the cheese.

Suggestion: Burrata is usually served fresh at room temperature and its taste goes very well with salads, crusty bread, prosciutto and salami, fresh tomatoes with olive oil and spaghetti.

8.8 ounce (250 gram) - 2 Pieces - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Burratina Andriese Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, citric acid, rennet, salt

Burratina Andriese Packaging: Polyethylene Plastic Wrap

Flavor: Buttery, milky
Texture: Soft, creamy and stringy
Color: White
Aroma: Fresh, milky
Region: Puglia

Product of Italy

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