Fiore Sardo Cheese DOP 8 lb

Fiore Sardo Cheese DOP 8 lb


Pecorino Fiore Sardo is made using ancient and special artisan techniques that predates the Roman conquest of Sardinia. It enjoyed great popularity in the nineteenth century when it was the only cheese to be exported from the island and was particularly sought after by merchants in Naples, Leghorn and especially Genoa where it was used in the preparation of pesto.

This is an uncooked hard Italian cheese made from fresh whole sheep's milk curdled using lamb or kid rennet. The mixture is poured into molds that will give the cheese its characteristic shape. After a brief period in brine, the molds are lightly smoked and left to ripen in cool cellars.

8 pound (3.6 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES


Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Flavor: Sharp, fruity
Texture: Hard, dense, oily
Color: Straw-yellow
Aroma: Sharp
Region: Sardinia

Product of Italy