Ricotta Maremma 4.4 lb

Ricotta Maremma 4.4 lb


The ricotta Maremma you can enjoy just a few hours after the production. The fresh and light cheese is made from cow's and sheep's whey with an addition of cow's milk and donate a very soft and delicate taste to the palate. It has a white frame with no rind, and its soft, creamy quality makes it exceptionally suitable for use in any dish, as a main ingredient or as a simple ingredient. Perfect for salads, as a filling for crepes and other desserts. Try it and have fun experiencing both the sweet and the savory flavor in many preparations.

Suggestion: A soft and creamy cheese without rind that you can use in many sweet or salty receipts. Serve it in salads or as filling for crepes, try it in dessert or enjoy it with some sugar and chocolate.

4.4 pound (2 kilogram) – WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pasteurized whey from cow's and sheep's milk, addition of pasteurized cow's milk, volterra salt

Packaging: Special Paper Wrap

Flavor: Delicate, fresh, light
Texture: Creamy, soft
Color: White
Aroma: Fresh
Region: Tuscany

Product of Italy

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