The Des Iles Green Tea Blend

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$4.95 15 Tea Bags


The Des Iles Green Tea 15 bags
Description GREEN TEA — Rich in antioxidants, C vitamin, and with many associated health benefits, green tea’s flavour can vary from sweet, bright, and floral to fruity and robust. The aroma of Passion Fruit blends the zestiness of the green apple to the richness of the apricot. Sipping this tea with your eyes closed, it's easy to imagine yourself on an island in the middle of the Pacific, surrounded by a luscious nature and an emerald sea.
Health In recent years, along with an interest in everything that is natural, scientific researches on the potential benefits of green tea on human health have increased exponentially. Besides the obvious benefits of tea as a natural, calories-free product (if taken without milk or sugar), recent research showed that tea can also help to:

  • Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Improve cardiovascular activity
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Help maintain oral health (tea contains fluoride)
  • Help with digestion and improve the digestive activity in general

Ingredients Green Tea, pineapple pieces, mango & pasison fruit essence, flower petals



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