Sorelle Nurzia Torrone Classico with Peeled Almonds

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Original hard nougat candy with peeled almonds - This Italian Nougat is exceptional and we have both the classic hard nougat or the wonderful soft nougat for you to choose between! - Only the best ingredients are used.

Sorelle Nurzia was established in 1835 by Gennaro Nurzia in L'Aquila.  The company revolutionised Nougat when he introduced soft torrone. Up until that point, torrone (nougat) was only sold as hard candy.

7 ounce (200 gram)

Ingredients: Almonds, honey, sugar, saccharose, glucose, dried egg whites, wafer potato starch, water, olive oil, lemon flavoring

Packaging: Plastic Wrap in Box

Texture: Hard
Region: Abruzzo and Molise

Product of Italy


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