Orange Blossom Honey Tube with Chili Pepper

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$4.50 2.82 oz
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This soft and bright honey, with a golden tone, mixed with dehydrated chili which brings to the honey a spicy flavour, which contrasts with the sweet flavour, typical in the orange blosson honey.
This unique mixture, which results in a unique and surprisingly pleasant product, for anyone who enjoys unexpected flavours.

Suggestions: To taste along with shrimp skewers with mango, honey and garlic sauce for grilled meat, honey and mustard sauce, samosas sauce, pork with orange and mango, slow cooker chicken with orange and sesame seeds, orange and carrot soup, spinach salads, pineapple cocktails, burgers. Try it also with blue cheese and fresh goat cheese.

2.82 ounce (80 gram)

Ingredients: Orange blossom honey (99,9%), dry chili pepper (0,1%)

Packaging: Aluminium Tube

Product of Portugal


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