Rosemary Honey Tube with Apple and Cinnamon

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From the aromatic mixture of rosemary honey and apple with cinnamon, a flavour recognized by everone, we obtain a honey with warm and delicate flavour, with cinnamon flavour and scent

Suggestions: This combination is perfect for breakfast of lunch, and can be used as topping for crepes, waffles, scrumbles, pancakes and toasts. It is also a great combination with bruschettas (traditional Italian antepasto) with brie cheese, goat cheese, pork, grilled cheese, strong blue cheese, sandwiches (with cheddar cheese, arufula and caramelized nuts), fried banana, baked pear ou beverages such as smoothies and sangrias.

2.82 ounce (80 gram)

Ingredients: Rosemary honey (99%), dry apple with cinnamon (1%)

Packaging: Aluminium Tube

Product of Portugal


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