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Bonifanti Panettone Classico & Pistachio Cream to Fill

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Bonifanti Italian Panettone Classico & Alma Gourmet Spreadable Pistachio Cream (190g) to Fill 

Bonifanti Italian Panettone is the flat version of the typical Milan Panettone, made with selected flours, first choice butter and fresh eggs. It contains the flavors and aroma of the mother dough Bonifanti with only natural yeast without any addition of brewer’s yeast in harmony with Sultana raisins, candied orange and citron peels. Precious ingredients, cooled at room temperature and hand-wrapped. Fill and garnish the Panettone with our rich pistachio cream from Sicily, and enjoy this mouthwatering combination for your holiday desserts!

1.65 pound (750 gram) - 190g Glass Jar

Packaging: Festive wrap with a beautiful finish bow

Season: In stock from November until January

Region: Piedmont

Product of Italy


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Bonifanti Panettone Classico & Pistachio Cream to Fill