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Fratelli Beretta Coppa Mount Olive [Pre-sliced] 4oz

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$9.95 4oz (113g)


Charcuterie enthusiasts seeking to reduce their sodium consumption will be elated with the cured meat makeover Fratelli Beretta USA has crafted with their latest product line. 

Introducing - Fratelli Beretta USA's Mount Olive Coppa

Coppa is one of the well-known Italian sandwich meats, characterized by its tenderness and its unique taste. 

Beretta's Coppa is made from first-choice beef shoulder, carefully selected  and prepared under the stern and strict management of the Beretta quality control gurus. 

Coppa is often used as a component in making tasty omelettes. It is also an excellent ingredient to have on an antipasto plate as well. 

Mount Olive USA presents top-rate charcuterie products without any added nitrates or nitrites and 45% lesser sodium content compared to most conventional products currently available in the market nowadays. 

Fratelli Beretta remains the longest existing family-owned commercial enterprise in Italian charcuterie tradition, centered on offering first-class products, deeply entrenched in Italian culture whilst rising as a trailblazer in innovation.

  • 4oz (113g) 
  • 45% reduced sodium content
  • All Natural
  • Carefully selected and prepared by Fratelli Beretta's Quality Control Gurus


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Fratelli Beretta Coppa Mount Olive [Pre-sliced] 4oz