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Parmacotto Finocchiona Salami Toscano Large

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$58.00 3.5lb (1.6kg)
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Parmacotto Toscano Salami 3.5lb

Parmacotto Toscano Salami is a spicy Italian salami, seasoned with fennel seeds, which is a prominent spice in Mediterranean cuisine. This dry-cured sausage is made from high quality pork and has a robust flavor and aroma.

Slice this Italian Salami thin and enjoy it on a charcuterie board with fresh fruit and cheeses. Pair with wine for the perfect Aperitivo Italian style.

Weight: 3.5lb Approx.

Product of Italy


5/5 based on 1 rating
  • Kirk B. - Mar 23, 2018
    If you like fennel salami, you will love this stuff... in sandwiches, salads, scrambled’s all good
Parmacotto Finocchiona Salami Toscano Large