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Pre-sliced Veroni Salami Milano

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Veroni Salami Milano

This very fine-grained salami is prepared according to a secret recipe by the Veroni family. The finely Pre-sliced Veroni Salami Milano are compact and and are characterized by a sweet, delicate taste, which blends harmoniously with salt and black and white pepper.The reason for the great popularity is the unique taste, which can be traced back to a secret recipe. The history of Veroni Salami is very interesting and without the Veroni family it would hardly have become as famous as they are today.

One of the most characteristic features of Pre-sliced Veroni Salami Milano is its  intense and brilliant red color. Also the cut is homogeneous, smooth and the color is well linked without presenting any slight discoloration.


  • Pork (95%),

  • Sea salt,

  • Dextrose,

  • Spices,

  • Aromas,

  • Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate,

  • Preservatives: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.

It is made from the lean, always fresh portion of Italian pork ham, which, finely minced and then flavored with a blend of natural flavors, sea salt, black pepper and spices. After seasoning, the sausage mass is filled into the special cotton bag, blown and then matured in the natural micro-climate. The final product is characterized by softness, sweet taste and delicate fragrance.

The basic selection of meat, however, obviously focuses on quality. The shoulder, the loin of the pig, but also the trimmings of all the most prized meat, and the quality of the fat are of particular importance.

The fat obtained from the guanciale is certainly the most valuable, without forgetting the fat obtained from other subcutaneous parts of the pig, which must give the product the right softness and compactness.

The slices of Pre-sliced Veroni Salami Milano can be recognized by the unmistakable red color, alternated with the white of the fat. Even the scent is very characteristic, intense, while the taste is delicate. This tasty food is often used as an appetizer, accompanied by a good red wine. It is important to point out that all the aromas used during production are natural.

The ancient peasant and artisan traditions, developed by the family, have found, in some cases, an improvement of their production thanks to modern production methods, without losing sight of the traditional processing which gives the product a higher quality.

Average nutrition value



Portion (% RI)



344kJ (4.85%)


333 kcal

83kcal (4.85%)

Fats of which


6.3g (9%)

Saturated fats


2.2g (11%)

Carbohydrates of which


<0.5g (0.23%)



<0.5g (0.59%)




Sea salt


0.95g (23.75%)

* Percentage daily values ​​are based on an 8400kJ / 2000kcal diet. Your daily intake may be more or less, depending on how many calories you take.

How to use the product

This product can be consumed as an appetizer or a second course. To taste the salami at its best, perhaps with a year of maturing on its back, a good glass of wine does nothing but enhance its flavor and be complete on the palate.

Preservation method

The salami should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Since 1925, the Veroni family has been producing premium Italian salami. Prepared according to a secret recipe handed down over generations. Veroni salami artisans have honored their craft over generations and pay special attention to each stage of the production process. Carefully selecting raw materials and stringently monitoring production and curing techniques to guarantee the highest product quality. Today, Veroni brings a fine selection of their choices directly to your table.

4 ounce (113 gram)

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, spices

Packaging: Sealed Plastic Tray

Product of Italy


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Pre-sliced Veroni Salami Milano