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Salamini Beretta Piccanti

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$7.95 4oz (113g)


Fratelli Beretta remains the longest existing family-owned Italian charcuterie business and continues to lead and innovate. And with their commitment to providing new ways to let people enjoy Italian food staples, Fratelli Beretta introduced SalaMini Beretta.

Unique, delicious, and fun, the SalaMini Beretta Piccanti can be enjoyed at any time of day and in the most diverse places of consumption.

Salami without skin with a spicy taste! It is ready to be enjoyed one after the other and ideal, due to their small size, for a break and as a snack.

These salami morsels are kept in a practical package, which opens easily! Enjoy it at any time, may it be on your lunch, snack break, or midnight delight. For a delicious Italian taste that brought to the table joy and happiness.

Net Weight: 85gr
Key Features: Gluten-free, Lactose-Free

Product of Italy


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Salamini Beretta Piccanti