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Ferrarini Hot Salami Rosetta

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$18.50 10.5 oz


To tie traditional goodness of genuine products to the special flavors of the land, Ferrarini offers the Hot Salami Rosetta. The characteristic mix of selected meats composes a chromatic mosaic of white, pink, and red in a delicious combination for the palate. After a careful and accurate selection of meats and a precise cut and artisan production, this salami undergoes a slow natural aging process that gives it an unforgettable flavor.

Suggestion: Ideally eaten as an appetizer, its soft and delicate taste will impress even the best connoisseurs.

10.5 ounce (300 gram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, salt, chili pepper, paprika, red wine, pepper, sugar, dextrose, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, lactic acid starter culture

Packaging: Vaccum-sealed Plastic

Aging: 60 days

Product of Italy


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Ferrarini Hot Salami Rosetta