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Sencha Currant Green Tea Blend - Buy1 Get1 Free

Sencha Currant Green Tea Blend - Buy1 Get1 Free

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Green Tea - Rich in antioxidants, C vitamin, and with many associated health benefits, green tea’s flavor can vary from sweet, bright, and floral to fruity and robust. Our special blend of Japanese Sencha green tea, Formosa semi-fermented Oolong Tea and red currants, married to the natural sweetness of vanilla give this tea a soothing aroma and an unmistakable flavor.

In recent years, along with an interest in everything that is natural, scientific researches on the potential benefits of green tea on human health have increased exponentially.

15 Pyramid Tea Bags - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, oolong tea, red currants, vanilla

Product of Italy


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