Delizie Di Calabria Combo

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Delizie di Calabria Fiery hot chili peppers from Calabria, Italy. These chili peppers will make any recipe hot. Beautiful and versatile which makes for a great gift from a company that delivers true home jarred tastes.

Each product is the result of analysis and research that guarantees the desired organoleptic requirements to offer a quality product that matches everything with the original recipe passed down through the centuries.

Suggestion: Great in meat sandwiches or added to your favorite sauces. Try them sliced and tossed in a stew, or on top of pizza with anchovies.

Combo Includes:

- Calabrian Chili Pepper and Garlic Sauce 6.34 oz
- Hot Calabrian Chili Pepper in Oil 32.4 oz
- Tropea Onions IGP 33.5 oz
- Bomba Calabrese Sauce 9.87 oz

Region: Calabria

Product of Italy


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