Mutti Triplo Concentrato di pomodoro Tube 185g

Mutti Triplo Concentrato di pomodoro Tube 185g


Mutti Triplo Concentrato di Pomodoro Tube. Price per 185g Tubes Mutti of Parma is one of the most renowned producers of tomato products in all of Italy! Mutti has a rich history and has been in existence since 1899. Their tomato products are produced from local tomatoes grown in Italy. Conveniently offered in a squeez. The various types of concentrate are perfect to give color, flavor and consistency to your dishes. We suggest using them in dishes that have long prep times and require an intense tomato flavor. You can use them with red and white meat, soups and fish like mackerel, sardines and anchovies.
You need 7 kg of fresh tomatoes for 1 kg of Triple Concentrate.

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