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Castelmagno Cheese Whole Wheel

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$340.00 13 lb

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Castelmagno is a semi-hard, half-fat cheese produced from whole cow's milk, obtained from cattle of Piemontese Breed fed on fresh forage or hay from mixed meadows or pasture. You will surely enjoy this tasting experience of Alps cheeses from the Grana Valley, one of the several Cuneo province alpine valleys and particularly known for the Castelmagno DOP. This cheese has a very old history and is manufactured today using the traditional methods, without the use of the pasteurization and fermentation, still using wooden molds and curing in natural caves.

Suggestion: Chianti pairs well with this cheese. It is appreciated as a table cheese and used in the preparation of typical Italian dishes such as gnocchi.

13 pound (5.9 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Raw cow's milk, rennet, salt - rind not edible

Packaging: Paper wrap

Aging: 8 - 10 months
Flavor: Sharp, spicy, strong
Texture: Semi-hard
Color: Ivory
Aroma: Strong
Region: Castelmagno, Piedmont

Product of Italy


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Castelmagno Cheese Whole Wheel