Cacio de Roma Cheese

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Cacio de Roma is an Italian semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese made in the countryside of Rome. Cacio means cheese, and is used in most parts of Italy. This cheese in the form of a small round is referred to as Caciotta, while in the rest of Italy it is known as Formaggio. The cheese is bathed in sea salt for 24 hours and then aged on wood in cellars for thirty days, during which it develops a tangy flavor and creamy texture.

Suggestion: It is the classic table cheese with the aroma of a young sheep's milk and can be enjoyed as a snack, eat with salad, pizza, pasta. Since it melts very well, it is used in everyday cooking.

3.5 pound (1.5 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, rennet

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Aging: 30 days
Flavor: Creamy, tangy
Texture: Semi-soft, creamy
Color: Ivory
Aroma: Rich
Region: Rome, Italy

Product of Italy


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Cacio de Roma Cheese