Speck Alto Adige IGP

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Italian speck, or dry-cured smoked ham, can be traced back to the 13th century; however, the name itself didn’t enter the common use until five centuries later. Originally produced by farmers isolated in the mountains of Alto Adige, Speck’s popularity and production has spread to other regions of Italy. Speck Alto Adige is made from a deboned pig’s rear thigh, that's smothered in a dry-cure of salt and various spices, which often include pepper, garlic, juniper, pimento, and sugar. After about two weeks of curing, the meat is gently smoked over wood for another two to three weeks. Finally, it is left to dry for 20 to 24 weeks, further developing its smoky flavor.

Suggestion: In Alto Adige, speck is cut into thick slices and served with dark, hearty bread.

5 pound (2.3 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, salt, dextrose, spices, flavors, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, rosemary

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Product of Italy


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  • Valeria J. - Feb 14, 2018
    Delicious! Best enjoyed when sliced super thin. Plus, it'll last you longer if you slice thin pieces. It has a wonderful flavor!
Speck Alto Adige IGP