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Letizia D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Richard B. / Sep 08, 2018
    The best olive oil I've ever had. It has such a great flavor of olives and fresh summer tomatoes.
  • Joseph P. / Dec 01, 2017
    We also fell in love with this Olive Oil in Sicily, thank you for the loving care put into the packing. We are loving life right just wish we had some mozzarella di bufala????
  • Gary M. / Jun 08, 2016
    Initially I tried this Olive Oil in Sicily & fell in LOVE with it's intense olive-peppery flavor! Alma Gourmet seems to be the only Stateside source for this product. For years Letizia has been my only choice when an ultra-fine finishing oil is needed! It also makes a great gift... I buy it by the case!!!
  • Frank A. / Jan 09, 2014
    I bought some of this oil last year and it is the best oil I have ever tasted. I plan to buy more of it again this year. Their description of this oil is one hundred percent correct. I can't say enough good about this oil. Enjoy Frank
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