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Fresh Porcini Mushrooms


By: Karl K. Date Added: 10/28/2020
1lb were shipped on a Wednesday, delivered on Friday, stored per Alma's instructions--in the fridge in a paper bag changing the unbleached paper towels they were wrapped in twice in 24 hrs--and consumed on a Saturday. Every minute out of the ground counts, so I would highly recommend paying extra for overnight service instead of two day. To compliment Alma in the best way, these were moderately small in size which is a good thing because too big is actually increases the chances of worms, which are a distinct possibility. I've foraged/found/eaten these in Europe so I do know a little bit about them. Upon receiving, I immediately peeled the bottoms and inspected for worms. In the whole pound I found only one with worms in the bottom of the base only, and cut them out, preventing them to spreading to others in storage. I just wish I could depend on UPS/FedEx to get them here before 8pm so I could overnight, receive and eat on the same day.