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Fresh Italian White Truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico)


By: Karl K. Date Added: 10/28/2020
Okay, I'll admit, I have been spoiled by attending the white truffle festival in Alba once. White Truffles are best eaten there, but since this "COVID-thing" has deleted that option, I figured I'd try my own truffle festival here at home. I ordered a 2oz and received 4 small truffles. I had learned from a truffle hunter in the Langhe that in general--all other things being equal--the larger the truffle the better the flavor, so I was a bit disappointed receiving 4 small instead of 1 large. However, in Alma's defense, I didn't specifically ask for 1 large. More importantly, I would highly recommend paying the few extra $ for overnight service because every extra minute out of the ground counts. They smelled absolutely amazing, but were a bit less flavorful shaved over a warm plate tajarin pasta with sage butter sauce. However, the price for the experience was good. Perhaps next time I'll not make the mistake of accepting 2nd day air, and ask for a large truffle, which may not even be possible, and splurge for the "Certified Alba" truffle option.