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Caprino Cheese by Nonno Nanni

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Caprino cheese by Nonno Nanni 


Caprino cheese is a typical specialty of many regions of Italy, which can be produced either with goat milk alone or with the addition of cow or sheep milk.



This term indicates various types of products: there is fresh goat cheese, that is to say very short-seasoned, the soft-paste or the hard-paste one. The first version is the most widespread in the peninsula, especially in Piedmont and Lombardy, where they are nicknamed respectively Tomini and Cavrin, while the other two types are produced from north to south of the country, and are very successful in marketing, especially as regards cheeses seasoned cuts.



The fresh Caprino is usually produced in a cylindrical shape, it is milky white and has a very tender, almost creamy consistency which is excellent to spread on fresh bread or to be used in flavored creams. Its flavor is reminiscent of milk and yogurt, delicate and sometimes with acidic.


This type of cheese can be sold both naturally and in oil, and in the latter case, it has a longer shelf life than the first. If left to mature, the fresh Caprino becomes creamy in the underside and acquires a strong flavor of goat's milk, which is reminiscent of that of overripe fruit.


The aged Caprino undergoes a maturation that can reach up to 6 months, with a noticeable increase in the aroma and the perfume that becomes more and more persistent. This type of cheese is produced in cylindrical shapes and is ideal to cut into wedges, to eat alone or accompanied by fresh fruit.


This cheese, recently revalued and become of great value above all for its known high digestibility. It has a very ancient history, dating back even to the age of the ancient Romans. Only in recent decades, however, has the great value of goats been recognized, which can graze in inaccessible areas, where other animals such as sheep and cows are unable to reach, and produce a delicate, lean and above all tasty cheese compared to the corresponding products produced with the sheep and cow's milk.


The fresh Caprino cheese after purchase must be consumed within a few days, otherwise its deterioration and alteration of the organoleptic qualities that distinguish it; it is good to keep it in the fridge in its original packaging, or wrapped in a damp cotton cloth that keeps the surface moist.


The seasoned goat cheese, on the other hand, can be kept longer, away from odors and wrapped in a cotton cloth.




The milk, previously filtered to remove any coarse impurities, is poured into the boiler and heated until it reaches a temperature of 35-38 ° C. When the desired temperature is reached, everything is added with kid's or lamb rennet in a ratio of 30-35 grams per quintal of milk, previously dissolved in warm water and left to rest 24 hours at 15 ° C. 


When the curd has reached the right consistency, delicately without breaking it, it is transferred into fine sheets and poured into the appropriate molds, usually made of plastic, where it remains for 18 hours in an environment at a temperature of 20 ° C to allow the curd to further lose the whey and buy the ideal consistency. 


At this point, the cheese, after being salted by manual sprinkling with dry salt, is packaged in trays of material suitable for food use. The product, which is recommended for immediate consumption, can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between zero and four degrees Celsius for a maximum period of seven days.


What fascinates about this cheese is its structure. As soon as it comes into contact with the mouth, an enveloping action is perceived, it spreads quickly in the mouth and for a moment you have the sensation of a full mouth. 


The elasticity is reduced because the Caprino is still very fresh. It is neither hard nor brittle. It is adhesive. In a very short time, there is a sensation of fullness in the mouth, then the high solubility and the presence of humidity makes everything disappear. 


How to eat Caprino cheese

Fresh Caprino is a pet product, not only served with dried fruit, celery, endive but also with bresaola and various meats: salami, raw and cooked ham. Eaten alone, Caprino can be paired with a white wine that is not aromatic and not very persistent, which simply serves to cleanse the mouth. This type of goat cheese, although it does not have a great persistence after swallowing, ends with a light and pleasant acidity in the mouth.





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Caprino Cheese by Nonno Nanni