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Cream Cheese by Nonno Nanni

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Cream cheese by Nonno Nanni

Cream cheese is classified as a fresh cheese because it is not harvested. As a result, it has a short duration once opened. The cream cheese must be refrigerated even if not opened to prevent it from spoiling. The taste is mild, fresh and sweet, but has a slight pleasant taste. At the room temperature, cream cheese easily spreads and gains a smooth as well as a creamy consistency. It is sold in blocks coated with aluminum or in a soft diffusion shape that has the air mounted to make it spreadable directly from the refrigerator.


The spreadable cream cheese is a derivative of milk that can be obtained from milk or cream by adding ferments or rennet or starting from yogurt.


What are the nutritional properties?


100 g of spreadable cream cheese make up 313 calories distributed as follows:

  • 89% from lipids
  • 11% from proteins


In particular, 100 g of spreadable cream cheese contains:

  • 59.2 g of water
  • 8.6 g of protein
  • 31 g of lipids
  • 90 mg of cholesterol
  • soluble sugars in traces
  • 0.1 mg of niacin
  • 0.03 mg of thiamine
  • 0.17 mg of riboflavin
  • traces of vitamin C
  • 150 mg of potassium
  • 130 mg of phosphorus
  • 110 mg of calcium
  • 330 mg of sodium
  • 0.1 mg of iron

Availability of spreadable cream cheese


The spreadable cream cheese is available throughout the year.


 Possible benefits and contraindications


Spreadable cream cheese has many of the benefits of milk. In particular, its proteins are of high quality and inside there are minerals important for the health of bones and teeth (calcium and phosphorus). It is also a source of B vitamins, allied to the proper functioning of the immune system, and potassium. Unfortunately, the latter, allied to the health of the heart and arteries, adds about twice as much sodium, a mineral whose consumption should instead be limited just to protect cardiovascular health.


It is good, however, not to exceed with the consumption of creamy spreadable cheese: the fats present in it are in fact above all of the saturated types and their excessive consumption has been associated with the increase in cholesterol in the blood. This product is also a source of non-negligible amounts of cholesterol.


What is cream cheese for?

Cream cheese is one of America's most popular cheeses due to its wide variety of uses. Its soft and creamy texture gives richness, icing, bagel-toppers and makes wonderful light and puff pastry crusts. The creamy cheese is the characteristic glaze for red velvet cakes. It can also be used in simple cheesecake cheese recipes, particularly appreciated by those in need of low sugar desserts.


 Cream cheese recipe

Very often the question arises: "curd with cream cheese - what is it?" This dish is the closest relative of the main product under consideration. It looks very similar to ricotta but has a creamy and tender consistency. Suitable for desserts and as a sandwich dough. The flavor is creamy and milky, and not like that of ricotta. To obtain a salty taste or acidity, it is necessary, in the cooking process, to add a little salt or lemon juice. Mixing this cheese with sugar, make a good dessert.


In principle, you have a wide range of activities to get different tastes. To get a delicious ricotta cream in 35 minutes, you will need the following products: a liter (3, 2% fat) of milk, a glass of kefir, a third cup (35% fat) of cream.


Cream cheese curd, the cooking recipe in a slow cooker


From the number of ingredients shown above, 300 grams of cheese is obtained. Then, mix the kefir, milk, and cream in a separate container, then pour the multicooker into the saucepan, turn it on for an hour in the shutdown mode. In order not to lose, when the bending process begins, we do not close the lid. At about 80-85 degrees, the milk mixture will begin to roll. It is known that about 28-29 minutes pass before the milk is completely rolled.


Take another pot, place a colander on top, spread a gauze or a clean cotton towel, lift it at the ends and let the serum flow for about five minutes. The time depends on the desired moisture content of the curd. The whole process of its preparation takes about 35 minutes. If, in the end, mix the cheese with parsley and dill, add salt, then we will have a delicious and healthy homemade pasta for the sandwiches.










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Cream Cheese by Nonno Nanni