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Robiola Cheese Food Service 1kg

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$48.95 2.2lb (1kg)

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Robiola Cheese 2.2lb (1kg)

Robiola Cheese is an Italian fresh soft cheese Robiola hailing from Piedmont. This generic name includes a range of fresh white cheeses made from cow, goat or sheep milk or with a mixture of two or three types of milk. Hence, there are a several varieties of Robiola, whose taste and appearance depends upon the region and the techniques used in the production process. 

The Robiola cheese has no rind; the paste is tender, easily spreadable, porous and white. The sweetness of the aroma is reminiscent of milk and the taste is mild but intense and slightly acidic and delicate. 

Robiola is a very versatile  cheese that can be used as it is, just spread on a slice of bread or on a cracker for a good appetizer, as well as in many delicious recipes, to accompany vegetables, sauces and soups and to add extra creaminess to risottos and pasta. When enjoyed fresh, it is excellent with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or with grape mustard, preserves and acacia honey.

Ingredients: milk, milk cream, salt, rennet

Weight: 2.2lb (1 kg)

Product of Italy


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Robiola Cheese Food Service 1kg