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Caprino del Piemonte Cheese 200g

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$12.95 7oz (200g)

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Caprino del Piemonte Cheese 200g Approx.

Caprino del Piemonte is a typical Piedmontese soft cheese made of cow's and goat's cheese noted for its lightness and versatility. The name caprino derives from the Italian word "capra" which means goat. Caprino cheeses are typical of Alpine and Subalpine regions with open-air pastures. The most famous caprino cheeses are from the province of Cuneo, Piedmont. There are two main varieties of caprino: fresco (fresh) and stagionato (aged). The fresh version is generally aged for no more than 4 days and has a soft, creamy texture. The aged version is generally aged up to 6 months, developing a saltier flavor and a yellow color.

La Bottera Caprino del Piemonte Cheese is lightly aged, giving the cheese a soft and spreadable texture with an intense flavor. This cheese is made into small forms of about 200g, with a light straw color. 

This cheese can be enjoyed on its own, with fruit salads or added as an ingredient in many main courses and salads.

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Caprino del Piemonte Cheese 200g