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Paglietin Mediterraneo Three Milk Cheese 320g

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$19.50 11.28oz (320g)

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La Bottera Three Milks Cheese (cow, goat and sheep) with flowers, orange peels and green pistachios in white crust.

A typical Piedmontese cheese, the Paglietin is a tuma cheese with a white hay colored crust, made with cows, goats and sheep milk. In the past, particularly in the valleys of the Monregalese, where La Bottera farm is located, the dairy farmers and herders combined their milks to create this aromatic and flavorful cheese, harder around the edges and creamier in the middle.
Today, the Paglietin is made in the same way but enriched with various delicate and refined flavors.

The Mediterranean Paglietin is enriched with orange flowers, orange peels and small pieces of green pistachios.

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Paglietin Mediterraneo Three Milk Cheese 320g