Prosciutto di Parma Red Label

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$249.00 14 lb


This boneless Prosciutto Red Label is aged for a minimum of 16 months. This shiny red, hind thigh of hog, rimmed with pure white fat, is simply irresistible. Salt cured and air-dried. Our Parma Prosciutto is made according to age-old tradition of salting and aging the hind legs of pigs, transforming them into a true Italian delicacy.

The DOP label guarantees both the origin and precise production process of the ham. The pig must be born and bred in 11 specific regions in Italy, and slaughtered only upon reaching a minimum weight of 150 kilos, or about 330 pounds. The meat is then moved to production facilities in or near Parma Italy, where the salting and aging process is carefully monitored. Then, the residual salt is removed and the prosciutto is transferred to a humid environment to further the absorption and distribution of the salt. After 6 weeks, the ham is washed and hung to dry for at least 16 months. Whenever possible, the windows of our storerooms are opened, allowing natural ventilation to coax the meat through the drying process.

Suggestion: Slice and enjoy the prosciutto as is. You may cook or fry as desired - a great snack is to roll these slices on mozzarella or on veggies like asparagus.

14 pound (6.4 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, salt - boneless

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Aging: 16 months

Product of Italy


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