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Brivio Red Wine Vinegar

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Brivio Red Wine Vinegar

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is made from high quality, selected wines. Carefully and with traditional craftsmanship, it develops into a light, fresh vinegar with a multifaceted taste.The preparation of Brivio Red Wine Vinegar goes through the same process of manufacturing organic grape juice, followed by the processes of vinification and acetification, which happen naturally and gradually, until reaching the necessary acidity, giving rise to Brivio Red Wine Vinegar.

  • No added sulfites or other chemical preservatives;
  • Organic and certified;

  • Gives unique flavor for the most diverse preparations

  • Ideal for salad dressings, meat, among others;

  • Made from the slow and natural vinification and acetification of organic grape juice.

Elaboration Process:

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is made from the slow and gradual fermentation of grape juice, with no preservatives, colorings, etc. being added.

Product information "1 liter of Brivio Red Wine Vinegar"

Manufacturer: Acetifico Brivio Srl

Variety: Aceto di Vino Rosso - red wine vinegar 

Country of origin: Italy

Contents: 1000ml

Ingredients: wine, antioxidant E224 (sulfur dioxide)

Allergens: sulfites

Acidity: 6%

Nutritional values in Ø per 100 ml



25 kcal / 110 KJ


0.1 g


1.6 g


0 g


Color: dark red, walking in mahogany. On the palate: intense and aromatic.

Packaging: Available in a slim, round glass bottle with a swing top, which emphasizes the authenticity of the product.

Wine vinegar is rich in mineral salts, including potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

How is red wine vinegar made?

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is made from red wine. So from red grapes. A quality feature. Because only good grapes make good vinegar. In the first step, the sugar in the grapes is converted into alcohol and in the second step, the alcohol is converted into acetic acid. To accelerate this process, it is not uncommon to use acetic acid-forming bacteria or other carriers such as grapevines. The vinegar is then stored in wooden barrels. Brivio Red Wine Vinegar consists exclusively of Italian red wines, which come 100 percent from organic farming. In order to support fermentation, organic vines from the grape varieties are used. 

Use in the kitchen

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is the icing on the cake. Finishes your sauces. But also excellent with salads or meat. And not just in the cold season. Red wine vinegar also works in summer. Actually very good.

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is suitable for everyday use in the kitchen and can be used excellently for the preparation of colorful salads, for refining meat dishes, and dark sauces. With its spicy grape note, Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is also suitable for seasoning beetroot salads and for preparing hearty dips. In short: the pleasantly sour taste of Brivio Red Wine Vinegar should not be missing in any kitchen.

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar can be combined excellently with oils: The vinegar can be combined particularly well with nutty oils such as walnut, hazelnut, and macamadian nut oil. The combination of Brivio Red Wine Vinegar and olive oil in the salad is also a classic alternative. Due to its acidity, it is recommended to sweeten a dressing with red wine vinegar with a bit of cane sugar, coconut blossom sugar, honey, agave syrup or the like.

Only high-quality red wines are used in the production of red wine vinegar. The quality of Brivio Red Wine Vinegar used to make vinegar is of course also reflected in the taste. The acidity of the red wine vinegar is 6%. Red wine vinegar is naturally lactose and gluten-free. After opening, the Brivio Red Wine Vinegar should always be tightly closed and kept in the dark.Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is widely used in cooking, but it can also have other applications. It is often an ingredient in salad dressings and marinades. Red wine vinegar combines well with abundant foods such as pork, beef, and vegetables.Lovers of Brivio Red Wine Vinegar appreciate the full-bodied bouquet of strong red wines. Its spicy grape note not only ennobles fresh salads such as lamb's lettuce, radicchio, and beetroot but is also suitable for marinating lamb, game, and beef.

Tip: Use Brivio Red Wine Vinegar also when preparing spicy dips and relishes and to taste fine sauces.

How long is Brivio Red Wine Vinegar stable?

Brivio Red Wine Vinegar is stable for years. As long as you keep it properly. It is best to store in a cool, dark place. And close properly after opening. This way, mold cannot settle on your vinegar, and the aroma is not lost. Don't be afraid of "streaks" on your vinegar. You can continue to use it without hesitation.

This White Wine Vinegar is an exquisite vinegar obtained from the slow fermentation of specially selected wines. Manufactured in Italy, this wine vinegar is aged in order to achieve its perfectly balance taste and aroma.

34 fluid ounce (1 liter)

Ingredients: Wine, antioxidizer E224. Contains sulphites - Acidity 6%

Packaging: Plastic Bottle

Product of Italy


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Brivio Red Wine Vinegar