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Bomba Calabrese Hot Spread Sauce

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$12.50 9.87oz (280g)


Recovering the best of the peasant tradition, Delizie di Calabria has created a line of sauces and seasonings in a taste of sweet to spicy flavors. Each product is the result of analysis and research that guarantees the desired organoleptic requirements to offer a quality product that matches everything with the original recipe passed down through the centuries.

The look of the product, the taste, the smell, the color and the texture are examined to keep them unaltered as much as possible and the customer can fully enjoy all the warmth and flavor of a millennial land such as Calabria.

Suggestion: Unusual combinations and elaborate preparations to give color and flavor to your various dishes and sandwiches making them irresistible.

9.87 ounce (280 gram)

Ingredients: Mixed vegetables in varying proportion 55% (hot calabrian chili peppers 34%, eggplant, artichoke), porcini mushroom, sunflower oil, salt, white wine vinegar, natural aromas

Packaging: Glass Jar

Region: Calabria

Product of Italy


5/5 based on 1 rating
  • Kirk B. - Mar 28, 2018
    This has a nice "kick" to it, but is not overpowering. It makes an excellent topping for bruschetta. Will order more after I finish what I have on hand.
Bomba Calabrese Hot Spread Sauce