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Ready-to-Use Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Hot Pepper

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$5.95 11.64oz (330g)


Ready to Use Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Hot Pepper – 11.6oz (330g)

Agromonte's Ready to use Cherry Tomato pasta sauce with hot pepper originates from the booming blend of two special ingredients: hot pepper and cherry tomato. The sweetness of the cherry tomato and the heat of the hot pepper create an exquisite pasta sauce with a splendid balance of sweetness and spice, as the Sicilian culinary tradition calls for.

Glass Bottle: 11.6oz (330g)

Ingredients: cherry tomato (88.7%), extra virgin olive oil, hot pepper (2.5%), carrot, onion, salt, garlic, basil, celery, sugar.

Product of Italy


About Agromonte

The History

Before being a company, Agromonte is a family. In 1970, Carmelo, the father of the family, turned his love for his land into a successful business. With his wife Ida, he set up his business which in 2000 became the Agromonte brand. Later on, his four children Giorgio, Giusy, Marco and Miriam joined the business, making the company an efficient, cutting-edge industrial reality. Together, the Arestia family have made one of the oldest Sicilian traditions, the preparation of ready-to-serve sauces, a product of excellence made in Sicily.

The production process

The bio-climatic conditions, combined with a particularly fertile land ensure that the essence and the texture of the cherry tomatoes stand out. The cherry tomatoes are picked and worked when they are fresh, during summer time, when the quality is at its best. Ready-to-serve cherry tomato sauce is Agromonte’s flagship product, but over time numerous diverse products have been added to the range with knowledge and passion, always aiming to the highest quality standards.


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Ready-to-Use Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Hot Pepper