Paccheri Pastai Gragnanesi 500 gr

Paccheri Pastai Gragnanesi 500 gr


Pasta di Granano Paccheri I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication). This pasta has a straight cut and a diameter of 30 mm. The origin of this shape refers to the Neapolitan word "pacchero" or slap. The name could refer to the slapping sound that it makes when cooking with sauce or to the excellence of this shape, that can “stun” you like a "pacchero". This cut is originated from Campania or Calabria, Italy.

Suggestion: They are a great success in timbales with meat sauce or with cheese and aubergine’s filling. The Pasta di Gragnano should be cooked "al dente", which means only to the point at which the pasta is still firm, then added to the sauce where it will cook a little more. Afterwards it is served right off the stove.

17.6 ounce (500 gram)

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Region: Gragnano

Product of Italy

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